Fundraising Audits & Reviews

Our Approach

‘Nothing is more terrible than activity without insight’ (Thomas Carlyle)

Faced with income targets to meet and fired with a passion to make a difference, it is tempting to leap into action - or at least leap into planning.  But for planning to be successful you need a realistic assessment of your current capabilities, resources, activities and people.

You might want to examine your fundraising as a whole, or drill down on a particular area of fundraising. Every review offers the same rigorous analysis and practical recommendations. 

Each review will be carried out by a specialist in the area and focus on how your charity can make the most of your fundraising. 

Fundraising Review

An expert review of your fundraising resources, practice, performance and position, identifying ways to improve your results - and discover unexpected opportunities. Scaled and tailored to suit your charity, needs & budget, a fundraising review is an audit of the main factors impacting on your fundraising and results.

Focused Review

An audit of a specific area of fundraising such as Trusts and Foundations, Corporate Partnerships and High Net Worth individuals. Each review is undertaken by a specialist who will help you understand the opportunities and challenges offered by your chosen area of fundraising, benchmarked against excellent practice in the sector. 

Online/Digital Audit

Is your web, email and mobile activity as productive as it could be?  Are you attracting new support through digital channels?  Converting followers and likes into donors?  And what do your digitally acquired donors think of you / your communications with them?  An audit of your activity and results in these areas will tell you.

Supporter Care Audit

Your cause is fuelled by your supporters’ engagement, commitment and support. The way that you engage, and communicate with your donors, campaigners, ambassadors and volunteers can make all the difference to your fundraising.

Grant Fundraising Audit

You may have a fully-developed programme of grant fundraising or are just embarking on this method of raising funds.  A review of your grant fundraising will help you assess the strength of your pipeline of fundable projects, identify potential new funders and ensure you present your charity’s work in the most effective way.

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